Petrochemical - Bioserver - ToXtoy

- Writer, producer and engineer

Bioserver produces various kinds of experimental electronic music, and is allways trying to create something new and original. So it's often not too easy to categorize the music he produces.

But what really defines bioserver is that he would never deliberately copy or sample other artists ideas or any of their material, to create something of his own. That would be too easy and unoriginal, in his opinion.


Favorite artists/bands
Meshuggah, Psychopatus, Audioslave, TOOL, Emperor, Death, Opeth, The Prodigy, Ophidian, Fear Factory, KoRn, System Of A Down, Kittie, Metallica, 36 Crazyfists, Nirvana, Coal Chamber, Melt Banana, Nine Inch Nails + + +