November-16-2006 - Petrochemical DJ act @ Hellraiser 25-11-2006

For those of you who doesn't already know this. Espen is going to Beurgebouw Eindhoven in Holland to perform a DJ-gig at the Hellraiser Party 25-11-2006. He will be performing as Petrochemical to help put the name out there. André will most likely join him, but only for the fun and noise.

Expect this to be a blast! ToXtoy is going to cause some sonic mayhem that you would want to experience. - So if the tickets aren't sold out yet, what are you doing?! GO (run) out and buy one now!

Visit for complete line-up and more information (Flash-based website).

November-02-2006 - Cardiac Interview

If you want to know more about Petrochemical and what's going on you can visit and read the 10 question interview published there.

Follow this link or visit

April-11-2006 - Release

Our latest vinyl "Distorted Minds" has been released and is now available for
purchase @

March-13-2006 - GEN11 update

GEN11 "Distorted Minds" has been officially announced by Genosha Records, and their website has recieved a nice update. Audioclips from the release can also be found there.

Check it out @

February-09-2006 - DJ Gig @ Shocks in Sweden

ToXtoy will host a DJ gig on behalf of Petrochemical at Shocks in Göteborg 11. March.

Line up:

Petrochemical, NO [Genosha Recordings, NL]
Gaffa [Shocks Squad]
Icepick vs. Kevin Vera [Shocks Squad]
SirN [Shocks Squad]
Pär Eriksson [Shocks Squad]
Jimmy [Shocks Squad]

Hosted by: MC X-Core

More info @ (mostly Swedish language)

Click here to see the flyer

February-04-2006 - New release coming soon

We are proud to announce that a new four track vinyl by Petrochemical is on it's way. This vinyl will also be released by Genosha Recordings and has carries the catalogue number GEN011.

See the discography page for more details.